Your Trusted Advisor for Enterprise Product Lifecycle Management Solutions

From Product Ideation Through End of Life

Established in 1997, the PLM Solutions Group of J-Squared Technologies Inc.     (J-Squared) helps growth-oriented startups; mid-market companies; and large enterprises, Adopt, Implement, and Maintain cost-efficient enterprise product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions and strategies to leverage the full value of their human and product capital with the goal of maximizing product portfolio success and profitability.  PLM has become a mission-critical system for companies to:

  • Drive Product Innovation
  • Accelerate Time to Market
  • Reduce Product Cost
  • Improve Product Quality
  • Manage for Regulatory Compliance
  • Enable Outsourced R&D and Mfg. Operations

We Help Companies Drive Product Innovation and Profitability

As a dedicated business unit of J-Squared Technologies, we are 100% focused as a full-service PLM consulting practice and value-added reseller serving customers across North America in discrete manufacturing.


Our time-proven approach and methodology targets "right-fit" PLM solutions & strategies that align with key business objectives and are designed to scale with your business as succcess drives growth in this age of shorter and shorter cycle times, increased product complexity, stricter regulatory requirements, and globally dispersed teams and outsource partners.


Industry Best Practices

Say "no" to science projects.  We incorporate the voice of the customer along with our best-of-breed solutions and implementation methodology, leveraging industry-specific best practices, to get companies into production quickly with early time to realized benefits and return on investment.


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Leverage Our PLM Experience and Get Down to Business

Investigating PLM for the first time?  Overdue for a health check on your current system and processes?  Upgrading or migrating to a new platform?  Lack the expertise & resources to administer & support your current system?  Have a staffing shortage?  Want to integrate other key enterprise systems of record with PLM?  You've found the right partner.


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